The LG HB6 is one of the newer 18650 batteries to hit the market. This battery packs a whopping 30 ..



The LG HE4 is heralded to be the latest and greatest iteration of the HE series by LG Chem. The HE2..



The LG HG2 has many good qualities, and is one of the best new cells. The LG HG2 boasts a 20A max. ..

Samsung 20R


The Samsung 20R is a very close relative of the more popular Samsung 25R. In this experiment, the b..

Samsung 25R


This was one of the best 18650 cells ever made. It handles high current loads well (a max. continuo..

Sony VTC4


The Sony VTC4 was the original high-drain battery, notably brought to public awareness by the vapin..

Sony VTC5


The Sony VTC5 is perhaps the most notorious lithium-ion 18650 battery of all time - but wrongly so...

Sony VTC5a


Sony US18650VTC5a 2500 mAh High Discharge Flat Top Specifications: Nominal Capacity: 2500 mAh Min..

Sony VTC6


Brand: SonyModel#: US18650VTC6Measurements: 18.2mm x 64.9mmWeight: 46.8gSize: Rechargeable 18650Chem..

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